Use The Moki Door Step To Easily Reach The Roof Of Your Car


Yes, most people can reach the roof of a car easy enough. If you want to reach it for loading or unloading cargo, though, you’ll need to be on the taller side if you want to have an easier time. While pulling up a stool and standing on it can help, we have a feeling most folks will appreciate having the Moki Door Step standing by instead.

An accessory designed to mount on a car’s door latch, it gives you a handy step at an elevated height, making it easier to reach that bicycle you have secured on the roof rack. Whether you’re loading surfboards on the rack, checking whether the straps are secure, or setting up your Batwing Awning while car camping, this thing should make the job a whole lot easier.


The Moki Door Step is an accessory that’s small enough to stash in the glove compartment, ensuring it’s always within reach whenever you need to access the roof. The step pad measures 9.3 x 3.9 inches (width x depth), which should be enough to fit at least one foot comfortably and even accommodate both feet for those who don’t have particularly wide feet (the outfit claims it should fit both feet for most people). If you carry cargo frequently on the roof rack of your car, keeping something like this in the glove compartment (it should also fit in the center console and the spare tire compartment) is an outright no-brainer, as it makes the activity a whole lot easier by not merely improving your reach, but by putting everything within your sightline as well.

Will using this destroy your door latch? We mean, it’s going to put all your weight on it, after all. According to the outfit, it shouldn’t, since vehicle door latches are mandated by law to withstand vertical forces up to 2,500 pounds and horizontal forces up to 2,000 pounds. Unless you weigh more than that (maybe you’re Thanos or a dragon or something), standing on a step that’s mounted on the latch should not pose any issues.


The Moki Door Step mounts to your door latch using a simple hook, with no folding elements in its construction, ensuring there are no latches or connections that can break while you’re standing on it. If you’re worried about scratching any part of your car, the section that could come in contact with any part of the car’s surface is layered with a rubber bumper, eliminating the chances of leaving any nicks on your car’s precious paint job. The step itself, by the way, is rated to support up to 400 pounds, so most people should be able to use it without any trouble.


Construction, by the way, is aircraft-grade aluminum, so it should be strong enough to withstand regular use. And yes, it should be compatible with any vehicle’s door latches, regardless of where they’re positioned, so you can get access to your roof from whichever angle you actually need.

Want one? The Moki Door Step is available now.

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