Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard Puts An All-In-One PC Accessory In Your Hands


Do you really need another keyboard? Probably not. But who can say no to the Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard, a handheld input device that combines standard computing keys (including F1 to F8), a trackpad, game-friendly buttons and a laser pointer?

Yes, I guess you do need a handheld keyboard. Especially one that squeezes in a slew of all-in-one features that will let you control that multimedia PC you’ve hooked up to the HDTV while you’re lounging six feet away on your gold-upholstered beanbag. Plus, it should work wonders when you’re making that very important presentation at the office. Of course, you should cross your fingers and pray that Brando actually found a supplier whose hardware won’t conk out at the most inopportune time too, but I digress.


The Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard is a pocketable peripheral (151 x 59 x 13mm), with a 2.4GHz frequency USB dongle, that looks just slightly bigger than your oversized smartphone. It features 69 keys for posting all those Facebook updates, a “capacitive-sensing” touchpad that’s “comparable to a real notebook touchpad,” gaming-oriented navigation keys designed to “be used as joystick controls,” 26 LEDs to help it look awesome with lights down low and Windows Media compatibility.

You can also get rid of the laser pointer too, which you love using to blind your friends when they’re stoned, since the thing has one tucked along the sides. Finally, it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery so you don’t have to fuss around with irritating AAs.

Why buy a media PC remote when you can score a full keyboard that delivers all that and more? The Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard is available from Brando for $92.

[Thanks Brando]