Rimac Greyp G12H Electric Bike Gives Riders A Whopping 150-Mile Range


We love electric bikes as much as the next guy, but a 50 mile range (often less) doesn’t really make it viable for getting around the city. The Rimac Greyp G12H is looking to change that, boasting an impressive 150-mile range to make for a truly viable everyday ride.

To enable that range, the bike comes with a bigger than usual battery pack, which sits inside the bike frame’s closed enclosure. The downside? All that battery makes it heavy, though, as it tips the scales at over 100 pounds, likely making the bike a little tough to ride in pure bicycle mode once the battery has drained.


The Rimac Greyp G12H is powered by a hub motor in the rear wheel, pushing it to speeds of up to 28 mph without any extra pedaling. It comes with a proprietary vehicle control unit and battery management system, with a small display along the handlebars showing a variety of riding stats. A biometric fingerprint sensor on the same handlebar allows you to secure the bike from unauthorized use, with a pannier rack in the back for carrying a small amount of cargo.


Features include regenerative braking, Supernova lights, multiple riding modes that vary power and speed, and hydraulic disk brakes. Construction is high-strength CroMo steel for the frame, ensuring it can come out unscathed even when riding in rough conditions.

No pricing has been announced yet for the Rimac Greyp G12H, but you can learn more about it from the link below.

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