Rimowa Electronic Tag Makes Airport Check-In A Breeze

Checking into a flight and securing a boarding pass is easier than ever. Heck, you can do that without even coming near the airport these days. Problem is, checking in your luggage still requires falling in line and slowly inching to the front until your bag is properly tagged. Rimowa’s Electronic Tag wants to change that.

A new feature available in the outfit’s travel suitcases, it’s an electronic display on the bag’s exterior that’s designed to replicate the luggage tags of old. It displays the information in the same size and the same appearance as today’s paper labels, so your bag can be adequately tagged without needing to be slapped on with a sticker at the airport.

More importantly, having the Rimowa Electronic Tag allows you to skip the check-in line at the airport. Instead of queueing up for a sticker, you simply switch on the screen (there’s a button inside the bag), send your digital boarding card from your phone to the tag via Bluetooth, at which point it will generate luggage data that then appears automatically on the screen. From there, you can simply check in the luggage at a designated check-in station and spend the next hour or so before the flight eating junk food at the airport food court. Very convenient.

Of course, there’s a catch. For 2016, the bags are only compatible with Lufthansa flights, with the official system rolling out on March 14, although Rimowa seems confident that other airlines will get on board down the line. The feature is available for the company’s Topas, Salsa, Bossa Nova, and Limbo line of suitcases.

Check out Rimowa’s website to learn more.

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