Ring Clock Puts A Watch On Your Finger Bling

I know I know what you are saying. Isn’t having the time on everything from cellphones to TVs not enough? Well that being said, you cannot deny the cool factor of this fashion accessory even manliest of men can get away.  Called the Ring Clock, this finger bling gives you the previously unavailable option of glancing at your fingers when you want to know how late you are to the 8:30 meeting. 

Originally created as a design concept by Gusztav Szikszai two years ago, it’s a metal ring with three rows of labels on its body.  The first row shows numbers 1 to 24, the second shows 1 to 59, and the third sports little dots, which correspond to the hours, minutes and seconds, respectively.  To tell the time, built-in LEDs will light up the corresponding labels as soon as the ring is spun.

The Ring Clock is made from 316L surgical stainless steel, with a simple and clean design that would suit even guys who don’t fancy wearing jewelry much.   It uses ultra-thin mono-color LEDs in either orange or blue as a light-up indicator, which will switch on for one minute at a time as soon as the ring is spun around your finger (it shuts off automatically to save battery life).    An onboard 6mAh rechargeable battery sits inside, which can power the ring for an estimated one week.  It requires a Qi wireless power charger pad for replenishing, as well as setting the time.

Granted, it makes reading the time more difficult than conventional watches and clocks.  However, if you’re the type to rock Tokyoflash watches and its ilk, we doubt that’s going to bother you much.   Plus, it’s pretty as heck, making for one unique conversation starter sitting on your finger.

Currently, the Ring Clock is raising funding on Indiegogo for a production run.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $185.

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