Ring Flash Adapter Mimics Pro Gear For Even Illumination

Looking for a cheap way to bring a ring flash into your photography gear?  Check out this Ring Flash Adapter from Photojojo, a sweet-looking and affordable add-on that instantly gives your setup pro-style even illumination.

Promising “studio-quality lighting with one affordable accessory,” the accessory is a reflective ring-like apparatus that hooks onto your existing external flashgun.  Since it’s a makeshift solution, there are some limitations: it can only be used with lenses that are less than 4.3 inches in diameter, with the distance between the lens and the flash not being more than 7 inches.

Unlike real pro gear, the Ring Flash Adapter doesn’t have its own lights.  Instead, it merely “grabs” the illumination from your flash and distributes it evenly across the circular tube, which supposedly generates a similar result to the battery-operated equipment it mimics (that is, light projects in equal parts onto your subject).

A velcro strap attaches it to the front of your external flash, holding it firmly as you search for a perfect angle.  While there’s no way anyone will mistake your shots for real studio work from pros (you can see the sample shots from the Photojojo website), it does give you something approximately close.

The Photojojo Ring Flash Adapter is available now, priced at $40.

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