Ring-O-Star Cup Holder Lets Bicycle Riders Enjoy Their Morning Coffee


Bicycle riders need to have their morning coffee too.   The Ring-O-Star Cup Holder makes sure they have an accessible place to set it.

Created by designer Paul Kweton under his studio Paulbaut, the contraption consists of a silicon ring that attaches to the end of the bike’s handlebars through an aluminum expander bolt.  Just plop your cup in the ring and let it sit till the next stoplight, at which point you can grab it and take a swig of hot caffeine to jolt your system.

Paul obviously thinks it’s a good idea and claims to have been using it for a while now.  Seriously, though, it looks like an accident of “scalding, hot coffee burning through your arm” proportions waiting to happen.  If you’re really unlucky, you might even lose control of the bike and get hit by a passing car while you’re at it.

Regardless of the potential for disaster, using the end of handlebars for additional bike attachments seem like a clever idea.  Replace the Ring-O-Star with a tumbler-like box, for instance, and you could end up with a nifty container.  Not too shabby.

The Ring-O-Star Handlebar Cup Holder is available from the designer’s studio in six different colors.  No word on price.

[via Design Boom]