RinseKit Lux Portable Shower Doubles Capacity, Adds Optional Heating, And More


We’re huge fans of the RinseKit, a pressurized portable water tank that you can throw in the boot of any car, giving you a functional shower that you can use on the road. This time around, they’re improving on the original with the RinseKit Lux, which equips the functionality into an even more versatile form factor.

Sporting a tank that doubles the capacity of the original, the device will let you shower, rinse, and perform any kind of spraying task for up to eight minutes straight. While eight minutes may not sound much, it does add up to a whole lot of showers, considering you’re only going to use the spray a few seconds at a time whenever you clean up. We know, there’s the occasional douche who will use the spray as if he is showering at home, so we recommend not bringing that person along (or simply not allowing them to use your shower).


The RinseKit Lux comes in an all-new design that combines a three-gallon pressure chamber with a soft-sided insulated tote bag that helps preserve water temperature while serving as a carrying case. Like the original, it’s able to create pressure without using any power or pumping, which is produced whenever the chamber is filled up with water. Do note, it only retains the pressure for a month, so if you don’t use the shower after that duration, you might want to refill it with a fresh batch from the faucet to make sure things are still properly pressurized.

The water pressure chamber can work independently from the tote bag, by the way, so you can use the bag on its own as a soft cooler, giving you an instant ice box within easy reach whenever the need for one comes up. Just pick up some drinks and ice from the convenience store, throw them in the bag, and you’re ready to party. And, yes, it’s a pretty great soft cooler, complete with a full zippered top for easy access to your drinks and a fully watertight lining, along with two outside pockets, a shoulder strap, and two side handles for easy handling.


The RinseKit Lux’s spray nozzle comes with seven different settings, so you can go from soft to hard, depending on your preferences. Do note, the eight-minute spray is only possible when using the middle setting (four), with the length of spray time getting shorter at stronger pressures and longer at softer ones.


Unlike the previous version, the new device comes with two one-inch accessory ports on the pressure chamber. These are designed to work with the outfit’s new accessories, namely a water heater and a hand pump system. The former plugs into your car’s accessory adapter for power and heats up the water, so you can enjoy a hot shower on the road, while the latter allows you to add pressure to the chamber, in the event that you forget to refill the tank after a month.

The RinseKit Lux is available now.

RinseKit Portable Outdoor Shower | 2-3 gallons of...
  • Integrated MoonLift Light Suspension system and premium materials and bonded leather trims