Rip Curl Search GPS Watch Records Wave And Speed Metrics During Your Surf Session

Someday, we’ll have wearable trackers for every sport imagineable. Yes, even Footgolf and ChessBoxing. For now, though, we’ll have to content ourselves seeing dedicated trackers trickle out every now and again. The Rip Curl Search GPS Watch is the latest to drift ashore, adding metrics and data analysis to every surfer’s arsenal of tricks.

Described as “the world’s first GPS surf watch,” it lets surfers track every wave they catch, registering a whole load of vital stats from your daily sessions at the beach. That way, you can have proof about the size of every salty breaker you catch, even when the Soloshot Tripod’s battery runs out before you finally score a good wave. Sure, it’s not as good as a recorded video for bragging about your best rips, but it will do.

The Rip Curl Search GPS Watch is a chunky sports watch with a monochrome LCD panel and physical buttons for control. Inside the waterproof case sits an assortment of chips and sensors that track how many waves you’ve ridden, along with each one’s exact GPS location and top speed, among other data. All of this will be synced to the accompanying mobile app, where you can map the course of every single one of your rides, giving you a documented record of your detailed performance on the water. Details are scant for now, but the app will come with location maps, image sharing, and graphical charts for showcasing every one of your sessions.

No pricing or release dates are finalized yet, but you can sign up at Rip Curl’s website to be notified of its availability.

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