It May Look Like A Horseshoe, But The Iron Ulu Is A Powerful Survival Knife


Truth be told, it looks more like a horseshoe than a knife. With a long bladed edge and precision close grip, though, the Iron Ulu is most definitely a knife. And it just might be more badass than your favorite survival blade.

Designed by Jonathan Carmack for RMJ Tactical, it’s a U-shaped knife with one side serving as the handle and the opposite side serving as the blade. You grip it like a regular knife, albeit with the actual blade hovering above your fist (with the sharp edge facing away, of course), allowing you to place a whole load of force in every blow, all while enabling fine precision cutting. That makes it perfectly suitable for use, whether you’re cutting off tree limbs in the wild like a mini-axe, dressing game for dinner, or slicing up some wild fruits you managed to forage during a hike.


The RMJ Tactical Iron Ulu has a 6.25-inch long blade, making it plenty suitable for survival use. Forged in quarter-inch 4140 stainless steel, it should withstand a whole lot of abusive cutting jobs, all while delivering a solid amount of weight during strikes. Since the blade is generously long, RMJ actually recommends reserving a section of the blade for finer cutting duties (the blade end looks suitable), while abusing the rest with impunity, so you can maintain a razor sharp section at all times. Features include a “sniper gray” finish, G10 handle scales, and a Kydex scabbard.


Available in a made to order capacity, the RMJ Tactical Iron Ulu is priced at $375.

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