RMU Tailgate Locker Secures Your Bikes, Holds Your Tools, And Chills Your Beer


Carrying bikes on the tailgate of your truck bed is one of the simplest, most efficient ways to transport them, as you can haul the bikes without installing any racks whatsoever. Problem is, doing that can damage both the bikes and the paint job on your truck, which is why most people use a tailgate pad. While there’s no shortage in options for that accessory, rarely do you see one as versatile as the RMU Tailgate Locker.

Like any tailgate pad, it’s designed to keep bicycles from bashing up your truck during transport, so both your bikes and your truck look as good as they did before you left for your destination. Unlike them, it comes with integrated storage for a whole load of gear that you’re bound to find useful while spending time out on the trail.


The RMU Tailgate Locker is made from 630D nylon fabric with carbonate PU coating and a 150D polyester liner, so this should hold up to the elements like an absolute badass, while a fleece lining keeps you truck’s paint job protected the whole time it’s strapped on. Dual straps allow you to secure bikes via the top tube and fork, ensuring they’ll stay in place even while driving through the roughest terrain, while sleeves allow you to use a cable lock to keep them from being stolen while you’re parked at a diner in the middle of the trip.

Sounds pretty standard for a tailgate pad, right? Yes, but it doesn’t end there. The pad also comes with multiple storage pockets for tools, allowing you to carry a full set of implements and supplies for carrying out repairs on the road, along with a set of multi-purpose pockets for stashing any extra gear you need to carry. Yes, you’ve probably got a cooler in tow if you’re driving a pickup anyway, but just in case you don’t, the pad has its own insulated chamber that you can use to keep drinks chilled for a whole lot longer. Do note, there’s no rating on how long the integrated cooler can keep ice, but we imagine it’s a whole lot less than your favorite ice box.


The RMU Tailgate Locker has been designed with modern vehicles in mind, so there’s a facility for clearing the sightline your rearview camera, ensuring it won’t hinder your ability to see what’s in the back. It’s waterproof, by the way, so all the gear you stash in its pockets should stay dry, while reflective screenprints makes it easy to spot when driving on the road deep in the night. Two sizes are available: standard and XL. The former measures 54 x 18 inches, making it suited to small and mid-sized pickups, such as the Toyota Tacoma, the Nissan Frontier, and the Honda Ridgeline, while the latter measures 61 x 20 inches, making it a better fit for full-size pickup trucks like the Toyota Tundra, the Ford F150, and the RAM 1500.


The RMU Tailgate Locker is available now.

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