Road On A Roll Offers A Quick, Inexpensive Way To Build A Derby Track

Building a long, large, winding derby track for your son’s die cast cars to cruise on sounds awesome. Until you realize just how expensive a long, large, winding derby track will eventually cost. There has to be a cheap way to build something like that, right? Turns out there is with Road on a Roll.

A paper-based road and track system, it lets you lay down a massive flat driving track for cheap. And it’s cheap because it’s entirely made from paper, so it’s nowhere near as durable as conventional derby tracks, but if you’re looking to have fun with the kids on a budget, we can’t imagine a more fitting solution.

The main Road on a Roll product consists of a roll of paper that you can lay down on the ground to build an instant drag strip. Each two-lane roll can stretch up to 164 feet, allowing you to make one satisfyingly long road for drag racing die-cast rides. Want to build something more complicated than a straight track? Not a problem. They sell paper corners and roundabouts that you can add to the tracks to create more complicated layouts, like winding roads and intersections.

All roads, corners, and roundabouts come printed with the same line drawing, which you can customize by coloring over, making for another fun activity you can do with the kids. Need to pack up the race track? Simply roll the roads back onto the spool, set aside the add-ons, and you’re done. No mess.

Pricing for Road on the Roll is set at £5.95, with corners and roundabouts available in sets of 4 for £2.95 each.

Check It Out via Gizmodo via Fancy