Road Sweeper Desktop Vacuum Cleans Up Your Dirty Desk

We get it, you’re a dirty mess.  One look at your office desk and it’s clear as day.  Stop pretending you’re trying to clean it and just leave the job to the professional.  By professional, we mean the Road Sweeper Desktop Vacuum, a desk-cleaning toy vehicle that siphons all of your tabletop debris.

At first glance, it looks nothing more than a child’s toy.  Well, it kind of is.  Except it’s got that vacuuming action that ably sweeps tabletops clean, siphoning food crumbs, fallen hair and all manners of gross dirt littered on top your work area.

The Road Sweeper Desktop Vacuum is a battery-operated toy car measuring 16 x 9.5 x 7.5 cm.  When turned on, the four wheels begin turning and the two bumper-loaded brushes start  spinning, sucking up any kind of debris it encounters while it travels from one end of a table to another.  Once it’s run the length of your desk, you can get all the accumulated dirt from the removable chamber loaded in the back, which you can then proceed to dump on your boss’ table.  Clever.

To say that office tables are gross is an understatement.  Your lack of cleaning skills, coupled with your love of potato chips, cupcakes and soda are enough to turn it into a pit of invisible bacteria.  Add to that all the drooling you do while you sleep on your work desk and your falling nose hairs, and we’re looking at a veritable landmine of filth.

Clean up a bit while indulging in playtime with the Road Sweeper Desktop Vacuum.  It’s on sale now for £5.99.