RoboCup Makes Your Putting Practice Way More Comfortable


During putting practice, most folks try to keep a number of golf balls on hand so they don’t have to walk over and retrieve it after every shot.  The RoboCup, an award-winning putting aid, returns your balls after every putt, allowing you to practice without the need for extra balls or any additional work.

Simply position your RoboCup in the golf hole and all balls that drop in automatically get returned to you at up to 14 feet.  Of course, not all your shots will hit their mark, so they came up with a solution for that too.  Combine the RoboCup with the Caddy Cord accessory (which you’ll need to buy separately) and even missed putts will come running back to your side.

It works on any putting surface that has a golf hole, with either standard or practice depth.  Power for the device comes courtesy of four AA batteries, which are good enough to last it up to 15,000 shots.

With the contraption, owners can focus on their practice, instead of having to bother getting their balls back.  There’s no wasted time and no unnecessary work – just keep hitting one shot after another till you get it right.  Released by Fine Tune Golf, the RoboCup will be available towards the end of April for $49.95, with the Caddy Cord accessory costing an extra $14.95.  Sure beats having to settle for the Wii to get your painless golf practice.

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Also checkout the video below to see how RoboCup putting device works.

[via Gizmag]