Robomower Cuts Your Grass All On Its Own

That remote-controlled lawnmower you’ve been using is many times more convenient than a regular mower.  It still requires you to pay attention, though, which means you can’t get the grass cut while finishing a mission on LA Noire.  Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a Robomower.

A robot that mows your lawn all by itself, the automaton should make a nice addition to your lineup of unattended robot cleaners.  Just make sure you don’t mix them up with each other — throwing the Polaris Pool Cleaner on the lawn and the Neato Vacuum into the pool will probably end up in a disaster.

The Robomower comes in two models — the RM400 for smaller lawns (up to 4,300 square feet) and the RL2000 for larger grass areas (up to 6,600 square feet). Both slash through your grass using mulching blades (one on the RM400 and three on the RL200), powered by a 5800 RPM motor.   Like other autonomous robot cleaners, it will stay on its base charging station until the scheduled mowing time and return there once the job is done, all without any supervision.  In case you’re afraid of having it stolen, it comes with an integrated theft protection system (no, it won’t shoot lasers at thieves, which would have been awesome).

One caveat: you’ll have to peg small wires to the ground around the perimeter of your lawn and leave it there.  The robot’s internal navigation system will use those as placeholders for monitoring their position, relative to the entire mowing area.

While the Robomower will mow at a slower pace than manual walk-behind mowers, we doubt you’ll care, since you don’t have to spend the day doing anything to keep your grass tidy.   It’s available from Thinkgeek, priced at  $1,999.99 for the RM400 and  $2,799.99 for the RL2000.

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