Robosen Elite Optimus Prime Gives Transformers Fans A Smaller, More Affordable Version of The Auto-Morphing Robot

In 2020, Robosen debuted a robot that looks like an off-brand Transformers knockoff you can buy off a toy shelf from the 90s, except they gave it the ability to perform its shapeshifting actions all on its own. A year later, they got the actual license to use the same impressive tech for the 19-inch Flagship Optimus Prime. This year, they’re offering a smaller version of it in the form of the Robosen Elite Optimus Prime.

Why make it smaller? We’re not entirely sure. Maybe this makes it a little less daunting to find space for in the display shelf. Maybe this makes it more affordable. Or maybe they just managed to miniaturize the components further, so that they’re now able to build them in more compact form. Whichever the case, it’s still every bit the engineering marvel that the Flagship version is, albeit at a slightly reduced size.

The Robosen Elite Optimus Prime is three inches shorter than the Flagship model, standing at 16 inches tall, with the rest of its physical dimensions reduced to match those proportions. Despite being smaller, it remains as detailed as the original, recreating every exterior element of the G1 version of the Autobots leader, making it look exactly like it did from the original toy series in the 1980s. Seriously, it mirrors the appearance of the original Optimus Prime from every angle, both in its robot and automotive forms.

Not only does it look the same as last year’s version, it recreates the complex engineering beneath that shell, too. As such, it’s also built out of over 5,000 individual components, including 60 microchips and 27 high-precision servo motors. That means, it gets all the same capabilities as the larger version, from the auto-morphing capability and voice-activated interactions to the programmable movements that allow it to be such a versatile toy robot.

The Robosen Elite Optimus Prime can respond to 43 preprogrammed voice commands, including “Convert” (prompts it to morph), “Roll Out” (prompts it to drive off), and “Attack” (prompts it to fight imaginary enemies), so you can command it to do a variety of tasks right out of the box. You can also control it via a remote on the companion app if you want even greater operational control over the Autobots leader. When you use it with the app, by the way, all the actions are accompanied by sound effects that play through your phone, making for an even more immersive playing experience.

One of the best parts of the robot is its programmability. Specifically, you can program it using one of four modes, namely voice commands, manual, block-based programmaing, and 3D software. The 3D software appears to be the most expansive programming option, although it should also be the most complex; the manual, on the other hand, lets you teach it various action sequences that it can then store and replicate on command. While the robot doesn’t come with a trailer (it will likely be an optional accessory for later), it does include two accessories, namely an Energon Axe and an Ion Blaster, so your Optimus Prime is ready to go into battle with any Decepticon.

The Robosen Elite Optimus Prime is available now, priced at $699.

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