Robosen Transformers Grimlock Brings The Dinobots Leader To Life In A 15-Inch Auto-Morphing Motorized Figure

Two years ago, Robosen debuted their auto-transforming Optimus Prime, which can automatically morph from truck to robot form and back with a simple voice command. Like many, we have been wondering when they were going to follow it up with another Transformer character. While we were hoping we’d get to see Megatron as their next release (Optimus versus Megatron will always be a banger), we’re still pretty stoked to see the new Robosen Transformers Grimlock Flagship Collector’s Edition.

That’s right, the leader of the Dinobots is getting the Robosen treatment, giving you a brand new Transformer that can shapeshift all on its own. Being a Dinobot, of course, this one doesn’t turn into a vehicle, instead morphing into a prehistoric creature straight out of robot Jurassic Park.

The Robosen Transformers Grimlock Flagship Collector’s Edition is a fully-motorized 15-inch tall model of the first-generation Grimlock, reprising the Dinobots leader’s golden torso, red hips, and shiny metallic limbs. Just like the chaotic character from the original series, this one can morph from robot into a tyrannosaurus rex, essentially maintaining a bipedal structure in both forms it can take. Of course, the big selling point here is the auto-morphing function, allowing it to transition from one from to another without having to manually twist and turn any of the parts.

In fact, it’s being touted as the outfit’s most articulated robot yet, allowing for even more mechanical movements than the two versions of Optimus they’ve released in previous years. According to the outfit, it uses 35 high-precision servos as part of the complex build, enabling the automated shapeshifting that’s just absolutely awe-inspiring to watch. Seriously, watching it turn its arms into dinosaur legs and tucking its robot legs up to form the creature’s backside on its way to becoming a beastly T-rex is an absolute showstopper all on its own.

The Robosen Transformers Grimlock Flagship Collector’s Edition is actually fitted with 85 microchips, along with all those servos, which facilitate not just the automated morphing, but also the creature’s various movements in either form. That’s because this thing doesn’t just transform, it can walk, perform battle moves, open its dinosaur mouth, and carry out all sorts of cool actions, with a built-in IMU sensor helping it maintain balance the entire time, so it stays upright through all movements. Even more impressively, it’s able to walk much faster in T-rex mode than in robot form, as the tail, apparently, helps it maintain greater balance, since it offers an extra limb to keep it planted on the ground.

Its eyes are illuminated with LEDs that turn blue when its in a good mood and turn red soon as it’s provoked, while LEDs on the mouth allow it to simulate breathing fire like the character in the G1 series does. They also threw in over 150 original spoken lines that were voiced by Gregg Berger, the same actor who did Grimlock’s voice in the animated series. Yes, expect the robot’s caveman-like cadence to make for a lot of fun soundbytes. Other features include voice command support (it can recognize 42 commands), a built-in 2500mAh battery, a companion app, and programming support, so you can write code to change the robot’s behavior.

The Robosen Transformers Grimlock Flagship Collector’s Edition is slated to come out in November. It’s currently available for preorder, priced at $1,499.

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