Robotic Weapon Is A Roving RC Robot That Sees In The Dark, Fires Paintballs And Makes A Quick Escape


Want to have your own weaponized robot on wheels patrolling your home against criminal elements?   Me too.  Since you aren’t likely able to get a military-spec, battlefield droid firing armor-piercing bullets, Inspector Bots’ non-lethal but potentially painful Robotic Weapon should do.

Nicknamed the “Mega Hurtz,” “The Wireless Weapon,” “Kill Bot,” and “SWAT BOT” (yep, it’s got a whole phonebook full of names), it’s actually less murderous than those scary monikers imply.  Armed with a Mil-Sim A5 paintball gun, it’s intended to subdue targets rather than blow them to smithereens.


The Robotic Weapon (hate the name, by the way) is a remote-controlled 4WD vehicle measuring 36 x 20 x 20 inches with a top speed of 50 mph.  Controllers can maneuver it within a 700-ft range, seeing through the robot’s eyes using a barrel-mounted camera (IR/low lux with night vision) that can see up to 35 feet in the dark.  Complementing the paint-shooting artillery is an M16 front sight, infra-red light, ACOG-style dot scope and a 100-round magazine.  It can fire 20-rounds-per-second of regular paintballs, pepperballs and hardened rubber ammunition at distances of up to 250 feet.

Little chance of criminals entering your home?  Not a problem.  You can use it from afar to attack practically anything for your own amusement, from cockroaches in the attic to that douchebag who stole your parking space earlier this morning.  Pricing starts at $4,000 and tops out at $10,000, depending on additional equipment you wish to throw in.

Here is a video.

More info and pics at Inspector Bots