Roccbox Portable Stone Oven Can Cook A Pizza In 90 Seconds


If you like making pizza at home, you’re going to want the Roccbox. Not only is it compact, it also cooks with an uncanny sense of urgency, as it’s able to bake a 12-inch pizzas in as little as 90 seconds.

Measuring 16.3 x 18.6 x 20.9 mm (h x w x l), it’s as compact a stone oven as you’re going to find, making it easy to find a space for in the backyard. It’s also reasonably portable (well… as portable as a 44-pound appliance can be), so you can throw it in the camper if you want to make pizza while spending the weekend by the lake.


The Roccbox has a compartment in the back that can be filled with either gas or wood for fuel, so you can use whichever is easily available, depending on where you are. Once ignited, flame rises from the back compartment into the roof of the oven, whose arched shape causes it to roll, distributing heat evenly across its length. The stone floor absorbs the heat for cooking the underside of the food. Engineered for efficient baking, the body is constructed using multiple steel layers, then covered with a dense, insulated jacket and a silicone outer sleeve.


Features include integrated thermometers for monitoring temperature, weatherproof construction, and a heat-up time of 15 minutes. While designed for pizza, it can also bake breads, roast meats, and cook a whole host of other things, making for a versatile backyard appliance.

Slated for release in September, the Roccbox is now available for preorders, priced at $535.

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