Rock Band Storage Ottoman Stores Your Rhythm Gaming Gear

Need a place to neatly store all your rhythm gaming instruments while spending the remainder of the year playing COD: Black Ops?  You might be interested in the Rock Band Storage Ottoman, a functional sitting and storage chattel built to cram your roster of fake instruments.

Created by Level Up Gear, the compartment is specially designed to host the ensemble of peripherals that typically come with Rock Band and Guitar Hero.  It’s got Velcro loops to hold up to two guitars on the underside of the lid, fitted drum stick loops on the side of the main compartment and side pockets for any other small accessory (e.g. microphones) that can easily get lost in a pile.

The Rock Band Storage Ottoman comes in two models: Back in Black, and Skull and Snakes.  Both feature solid wood construction, with a fake leather PVC exterior and some cushion on top, so you can use it as an extra stool when seating area is tight (like when the relatives come over for Christmas).  Dimensions are 35.4  x 17.9 x 18.3 inches.

Two trays are included with the boxes, each of which you can use to hold either 16 games, 8 Wiimotes, 4 nunchuks or 4 regular controllers.   The lid features decorative stitching on both versions, with special Rock Band graphics printed on the underside.

If you don’t like your living room looking like a child’s music studio, the Rock Band Storage Ottoman sounds like a must-buy.  Price is $199.99, although you should be able to get it for much cheaper at Costco ($90, according to Joystiq below).

[LevelUpGear via Joystiq]