Sip Coffee Like A Mountaineer With This Rock Climbing Mug


Do you ever sit at work and wish you could be going up a climbing wall at the gym instead? We feel your pain. And while sipping hot coffee out of this Rock Climbing Mug isn’t anything like scaling your favorite wall, it might soothe some of that longing for at least a couple of minutes.

Made by Etsy seller Climbing Goods, it’s a drinking mug that uses a climbing hold for its handle. Yes, those same holds you’ll find screwed all over the surfaces of both indoor and outdoor climbing walls, so you can carry your beverage the same way you hold on for dear life while making your way up an artificial crag.


The Rock Climbing Mug is a porcelain mug with a climbing hold attached on the side. No, it’s not screwed onto the porcelain (despite the presence of an actual screw on the hold), but attached using other means (probably a really strong adhesive), although the presence of a metal screw means this thing isn’t suitable for use in the microwave. It can accommodate up to 12 ounces of your favorite beverage, with two variants in climbing holds – a rounded pinch-style hold and a free-form oblong hold.

No, we doubt grabbing onto the holds will help anyone’s climbing skills in any way, shape or form, although this should make a great gift for any rock climbing enthusiast. The mug only comes in white, although they offer different colors for the holds.

Available now, the Rock Climbing Mug is priced at $19.99.

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