Rock Lock Saves Your Guitar From Would-Be Thieves

You put locks on your bike when you leave it unattended, so why not do the same when you park your guitar while macking at the hotties over at the other end of the club?  Oh right, nobody sells anti-theft rigs for guitar.  That is, until Rock Lock showed up.

Created by Chris Goulet, the contraption works like a regular bike lock, allowing you to tether your instrument to a fixed structure, so random chodes can’t simply walk by and pick it up.  Guitar theft is usually a crime of opportunity, after all – a proper locking system lets you avoid creating that temptation.

The Rock Lock’s securing mechanism consists of a capo-shaped buckle made using a “cutting-edge metal replacement technology” that you’re supposed to fit over a guitar’s neck and snap shut.  It’s connected to a heavy-duty braided steel cable that you’re supposed to loop around a fixed structure or heavy equipment that’s not quite so easy to swipe off, like the stage rails or the handle on a large amplifier.

Designed for six-stringers, it can fit the neck of almost every acoustic and electric guitar.  Musicians who rock the bass, flamenco guitar and twelve-strings won’t be able to use it to secure their equipment, though (we’re guessing those are coming soon if this thing takes off).  Each lock comes with two sets of keys, so you and your tech guy can both have one for convenience.

If you’re tired of hauling your guitar around the whole night during a gig, the Rock Lock might actually be worth your trouble.  It’s currently on pre-order, priced at $49.99.

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