Rockid Combines Rocking Chair And Cradle In One Smart Design

A rocking cradle is great for lulling baby to sleep just as a rocking chair is great for sending you down the same path to slumber.   So why not combine both to send both mother and child dozing off?  That’s exactly what they did with Rockid.

Sporting a chair on one end and a crib on the other, the furniture lets both parent and baby relax while gently swinging in a rocking motion.  That way, you can get yourself all comfortable and relaxed at the same time you’re lulling baby to sleep.  Everybody wins.

Rockid measures 133 x 88 x 97 cm, with a pair of curved bands on either end for facilitating the rocking motion.  Dimensions are 40 x 40 cm for the seat, 40 x 25 cm for the backrest, and 40 x 80 cm for the baby’s bedding area.  Pillows for the seat and backrest can be added either as fixed or removable, although you’ll need to get your own mattress separately.  Construction is birch plywood, with industrial felt upholstery for the pillows.

The Rockid frame is available in either gray, off-white, untreated or any specially-requested color, although the latter will require an extra 15 percent markup.    Pricing starts at €550.

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