RocLok Hides Your Spare Keys Inside A Rock

Fake plastic rocks meant to hide spare keys to the front door aren’t anything new.  The RocLok does it one better, though, by throwing in a combination lock chamber to protect your keys from wily intruders.

Unlike the tiny plastic rocks  most people use for hiding keys, these units feature a much more believable size and weight with the smallest model measuring 4 inches tall and 6 inches wide (the biggest ones are 7 inches width and height).  They look crazy realistic, too, having been molded from casts of real rocks found throughout the US.

The RocLok comes in five models: St. Helens, Piedmont, Gita, Hudson and McKenzie, with the names coming from where the original rocks used for the cast were found.   Made from fiberglass-reinforced cement, they bear the hardness of natural stone and are likely to even last longer than real rocks because they don’t have natural fracture lines.

Encased in each rock is a storage chamber (3 x 2 x 0.5 inches) made from fiber reinforced plastic, with its contents protected by a combination lock door (make sure to remember the combination or you’re staying locked out).  Since the rock will be outdoors, the case is recessed into the cement body, preventing moisture from seeping in during wet weather.

While the RocLok is still not a 100% secure way of keeping a spare key, it’s probably the safest, most reliable option.  Just hope your Pony Dog doesn’t pee in it while he’s playing in the yard — those things smell nasty.

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