Rode Vlogger Kit Offers A Quick Way To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Versatile Filmmaking Rig

Yes, all you really need to start a vlog these days is a smartphone. You can shoot footage, do rudimentary edits, and even upload them straight from the mini-computer you keep in your pocket. The internet, however, demands a certain level of quality to actually support the content you put out there. That means, doing what you can to beef up the quality of your videos. The Rode Vlogger Kit offers a quick way to level up your smartphone vlogging rig.

Designed to turn your humble smartphone into a versatile content creation tool, the kit puts together a selection of accessories to help you shoot more stable videos, capture better audio, and improve the overall quality of your phone camera footage. Whether you’re a veteran vlogger looking to leave the vlogging camera at home, a TikTok star looking to beef up the rig you use in your bedroom, or just someone looking to give this content creation thing a serious try, this kit lets you quickly beef up your smartphone video setup.

The Rode Vlogger Kit is an all-in-one kit for smartphone filmmaking, allowing you to shoot better quality footage than you’d normally get with just your smartphone in hand. The set includes a Smart Grip, which clamps your phone into place, along with a tripod, where you can mount the Smart Grip for framing stationary scenes. Want to shoot handheld video? Simply fold the legs of the tripod and use it as a handheld grip, with the tripod’s gimbal head ensuring you capture stable video even when you’re on the move. The gimbal can be locked in any position using the integrated dial, by the way, so you can easily fix it at any angle of your choosing.

It also includes a rechargeable LED light designed to mount on the tripod, allowing you to add instant illumination onto any scene you’re shooting. The light comes with four brightness setting, so you can get the exact amount of lighting you require, while a clip-on diffuser and eight colored filters let you adjust the lighting profile to whatever works best with the scene.

Because smartphone-recorded audio typically sucks, the Rode Vlogger Kit also includes a microphone designed for mobile devices that you can connect straight to the phone, along with a windshield made with open-cell foam and synthetic fur to minimize wind noise when you’re filming outdoors. Because different phones require different connections for the microphone, the kit comes in three flavors: iOS Edition, USB-C Edition, and Universal. All three use, pretty much, the same gear in their kit, save for the microphones.

The iOS Edition, for instance, comes with a VideoMic Me-L, which has a Lightning connector, while the USB-C Edition includes the VideoMic Me-C, which has a Type-C connector. In both instances, the mic mounts directly to the phone. The Universal variant, on the other hand, is equipped with a VideoMicro Compact Microphone, which comes with a separate suspension mount and plugs into a smartphone’s 3.5mm slot.

The Rode Vlogger Kit is available now.

Rode VideoMic Vlogger Kit for iOS Devices
  • Vlogger Kit f iOS Devices with Lightning Connection
Rode VideoMicro Vlogger Kit for Mobile Phones...
  • Vlogger Kit f Mobile Devices with 1/8-inch Connection
Rode VideoMic Vlogger Kit for USB-C Devices
  • Vlogger Kit f Mobile Devices with USB-C Connection