Rode Wireless Pro Mic Brings 32-Bit Float Recording And Other Advanced Features

Rode changed the game with the release of their Wireless GO, a compact mic system that made it incredibly easy to capture audio for the kind of workflows needed by today’s crop of content creators. With the Rode Wireless Pro, the outfit vows to help those same folks take their audio capture to the next level.

Billed as “the most powerful wireless mic ever,” the device looks much like their previous wireless mic systems, which use compact tile-shaped devices for the receiver and transmitters alike. This one, however, boasts state-of-the-art tech, some of which remain unavailable in many of the competing mics in the category, making it, pretty much, a veritable showcase for new audio recording technologies.

The Rode Wireless Pro is a compact dual-channel wireless mic that’s been crammed with practically every cutting-edge feature the outfit can muster.  It consists of two clip-on transmitters designed to be worn on clothing, as well as single receiver that you can plug straight to your camera. Those devices communicate via the outfit’s 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption, allowing for crystal-clear recordings at distances of up to 850 feet (requires line of sight, though). Easily the biggest feature here, though, is the 32-bit float onboard recording capability, complete with 32GB of internal memory, which makes it impossible to clip or distort the audio, such that even if there’s any kind of wireless interruption, there will always be a version of the audio maintained locally that should be readily available.

While the system only comes with two transmitters, each of which house broadcast-quality omnidirectional mics, you can also plug in additional microphones to the receiver either via a 3.5mm TRS or a USB-C connections, in case you need additional audio input. Do note, only three audio channels are allowed simultaneously, so you can’t plug in a fourth one even if the slot is available. The receiver also gets a 3.5mm output, in case the person behind the camera wants to monitor the audio using a pair of headphones.

The Rode Wireless Pro can comes with flexible gain control algorithms that control the audio levels automatically, ensuring balanced output throughout the entire recording, while a safety backup channel also records everything at a lower volume (10db less), just to ensure you have an additional copy, in case the main recording encounters any issues. The audio recordings come with timecode, by the way, allowing people to easily sync everything in post-production. Do note, the timecode will need to be set on the companion app (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac), as there’s no on-device control for activating this feature.

Everything is powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, which are rated to last for up to seven hours of audio recordings. And yes, they can be used while they are charging, so you can keep filming during those times the session went far longer than expected. Other features include locking lavalier connectors (tethered mics won’t accidentally pull out), merged and split recording modes, plugin power detection (to save battery life), and an included charging case that powers up all three devices when docked inside.

The Rode Wireless Pro is priced at $399.

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