A Unique Pattern Gives Roka Sports’ Maverick X Wetsuit Unrestricted Swimming Movement


Whether you’re a triathlete, a long-distance swimmer, or just a guy who gets really cold when he’s in the water, a wetsuit should help a lot in keeping you comfortable in the water. Problem is, some wetsuits can be restrictive, which is why people look for cuts and materials that allow for maximum flexibility in the water. Roka Sports, however, decided to place their focus elsewhere on the new Maverick X.

Instead of making a suit that’s even more flexible, they decided to change up their approach in the suit’s overall design. Instead of designing a pattern with arms down like conventional garments, they started with the premise that the arms are up, allowing them to create a pattern that posed zero restrictions on the arms’ mobility, allowing them to create a garment that Roka Sports claims allows “faster, unrestricted swimming with better mechanics, less effort, and no shoulder strain.”


The Roka Sports Maverick X is a neoprene wetsuit that looks, pretty much, like any wetsuit you’ll see tri-athletes and long-distance swimmers rock during competitions. Except, it boasts a “sweet spot” for the arm positioning and patterning that makes it perform unlike any other during swimming, resulting in no tightness on the shoulders and arms throughout the course of every stroke. Features include a strategic use of materials throughout the suit to optimize buoyancy and warmth, independent neck suspension, stretch-woven textile on the forearms to give you a maximum feel of the water, and an optimized liner grid made from 8 different materials.


Available now, the Roka Sports Maverick X is priced at $900.

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