Roku Streambar Combines Streaming Box And Soundbar In A Single Device

These days, most people will have a streaming box (or stick) hooked up to their TVs. Most of them will also have a soundbar to enjoy all that content with better audio than what a TV’s small speakers will typically provide. The Roku Streambar wants to streamline your TV setup by combining those two devices into one.

A soundbar with Roku’s streaming service built in, it allows you to have both a set-top box and an external speaker using just a single device. That way, you can free up an extra slot on the TV, allowing you to have one less cable dangling in the back for a more streamlined setup.

The Roku Streambar houses four 1.9-inch Dolby Audio speakers, with two in front and two at the sides carrying their load to fill your living room with the vibrant sound of whatever content you’re watching. According to the outfit, the speakers are calibrated to deliver a full and rich sound, which will, hopefully, be enough to make whatever show, movie, or concert you’re watching feel a lot more immersive. It has the option to boost the volume, so even those poorly-mixed YouTube videos can sound good on your TV, as well as a speech clarity setting that ensures all dialog comes through loud and clear.

Want even better sound? It’s easily expandable with Roku’s other speaker offerings. You can, for instance, add the outfit’s Wireless Subwoofer to add that couch-shaking bass that some people seem to enjoy, as well as the outfit’s Wireless Speakers to easily create a surround sound setup.  We know, Roku is hardly the main brand you want to rely on when it comes to audio, especially considering how small this thing is compared to most soundbars in the market, but if you’re looking for great value, this four-speaker soundbar and streaming box combo definitely offers a solid bang-for-the-buck.

The Roku Streambar, of course, brings the full range of the outfit’s streaming interface, giving you access to the full range of free TV channels, premium streaming services, and free video apps available in the platform. Basically, anything you want to watch legally should be available here. That channel lineup also includes music apps, from Spotify and Pandora to iHeartRadio and VEVO, so you can get your fill of TV shows, movies, and music alike straight from a single device.  It supports videos in 1080p, 4K, and 4K HDR, by the way, so you can enjoy the best content available that is compatible with your TV.

A companion app allows you to use your phone as a remote for the device, all while allowing you to search content using voice commands, listen privately using headphones, and cast content from your phone to the big screen. Other features include a USB slot for playing media from a thumb drive (video, audio, and images are supported), compatibility with virtual assistants (Alexa and Google Assistant), and an included remote that you can use instead of your phone.

The Roku Streambar ships October 15th, priced at $129.99.

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