Roli Seaboard Block Is The Most Compact Version Of The Outfit’s Squishy Keyboards


We’re big fans of Roli’s compact Blocks modules, which give you a powerful synth controller in an erstwhile pocket-sized setup. If you’ve ever wished you can pair them with one of Roli’s squishy keyboards, the outfit just made that possible with the Roli Seaboard Block.

The smallest version of their unique keyboard MIDI controller, the instrument brings the same revolutionary versatility in a much more portable package. That means, you can tweak the pitch, vibrato and other sound dynamics through three-dimensional gesture inputs, such as glides, slides, and lifts, along with varying amounts of pressures in every stroke.


The Roli Seaboard Block comes with a 24-key, two-octave playing surface that’s, basically, a chopped-off version of the outfit’s larger keyboards. The sparse amount of keys allow it to come in at dimensions of just 11 x 5.5 x 1 inches (width x depth x height), allowing you to squeeze it in a corner of even loaded backpacks. While designed to be played on its own, the keyboard can also be paired with any Roli Blocks modules, as well as connected to a second or third keyboard using the outfit’s DNA connector modules.


It comes with four companion software products, one for mobile (Noise) and three for desktop (Equator Player, Blocks Dashboard, and MaxMSP), so you can get started playing with a total of over 200 sounds available on tap. Of course, it’s also compatible with popular software from Ableton, FXPansion, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Apple, and more.

Available now, the Roli Seaboard Block is priced at $299.95.

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