This Roll-Up Drying Rack Will Save Precious Space In The Kitchen

Sure, you can buy a proper rack for drying all the dishes and vegetables you wash in the sink. If saving space is priority number one in your crowded kitchen, though, you might want to fix your attention on this Roll-Up Drying Rack.

Able to save more storage space than traditional collapsible over-the-sink drainers, this thing can roll up into a compact bundle that’s smaller than a rolled up newspaper, allowing it to be crammed into a tight corner of a drawer. Plus, it’s designed to lay over the kitchen sink, so no counter space wasted, requiring little extra room either when used or stowed away.

The Roll-Up Drying Rack gives you a 13.125 x 20.5 surface for air drying dripping plates, glassware, and food items. It’s made from silicone-coated steel so it won’t damage delicate tableware, apart from being heat-resistant to 400 degrees F, allowing it to double as a large trivet to keep pots and pans fresh off the cooktop from touching your counter’s surfaces. Granted, if you have limited sink space to begin with, this is hardly the ideal solution, but if your setup permits it, this rack should make for a space-efficient equipment to add to any kitchen.

Amazon has the Roll-Up Drying Rack available, priced at $26.95.

Check It Out  via Gizmodo