Roll Up Picnic Blanket: Never Use A Lame Picnic Mat Again

Most picnic blankets are good for one time use.  After that, it’s all stained with spilled food and drinks, making it just a little icky to lay down for another meal.  That shouldn’t be the case with the Roll-Up Picnic Blanket.

Made by FruitSuper Design, it’s not your run of the mill ground cloth with checkers and stripes.  Far from it.  Designed for picnic use, it’s fitted with features that support the very specific need of people who like to plop down on the ground to share a meal.

Just like a supersized yoga mat, the Roll Up Picnic Blanket can be quickly rolled into a bundle, letting you set up and clean out your picnic site faster than ever.  It comes with built-in carrying straps, too, so you can hoist it over your shoulder while trekking to your favorite spot.  When rolled out, it measures a generous 58 x 58 inches, while compacting to a tube shape measuring 21 x 5 inches for easy portability.

Both sides of the mat are decked in water-repellent fabric over heavy nylon webbing, ensuring neither liquid stains nor wet grounds stick  around long after you’re done.  It’s also got wind-resistant corners, so your mat never flies off with a strong gust of wind, as well as a pocket for holding small items.

Whether for the park, the beach or the campsite, the Roll Up Picnic Blanket sounds like the perfect thing to lay down for a truly fun meal with a lot less headaches for later.  It’s available now, priced at $98.

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