Rollator Leg Wagon Puts Wheels On A Treadmill, Makes It Run When You Exercise


Want to walk to work to get some exercise, but your office is too damn far?  Cut your walking distance down by two-thirds with the Rollator Leg Wagon, a treadmill with wheels that works like a bicycle minus the foot pedals.

Sure, it looks ridiculous hitting the road on this thing.  But if you can’t ride a bike (for whatever reason – I can come up with many), it’s as great an alternative for on-the-way-to-the-office-exercise as you can find.   The size (51.2 x 23.6 x 39.4 inches) and the absolute oddness of it all will probably get you worse stares than a Segway when using it on a sidewalk, though (I doubt local cops will let you stay in the middle of a busy street, either).


The Rollator is a modified mechanical treadmill that uses a three-gear drive system to propel itself on four wheels (actually, they look more like casters).   When you walk on the pad, it uses the resulting rotation to send the gears into motion, multiplying your efforts by moving the machine along at a faster pace (around three times what you’d normally get from just walking).

A project from design company Oooms (whose products include such varied creations as the Milkmaid Dildo and the Road Kill Carpet), it’s actually a pretty clever way to make use of all that energy you expend on a treadmill.  Plus, the 3X speed makes sure that you leave fellow joggers in the dust when hitting the local park during weekends.

While not yet for sale, Oooms’ roster of insane-looking products on retail makes me confident they’ll let us purchase a Rollator soon.  Hopefully, they will modify it so you can easily remove the mobile mechanism for use as a regular, stationary treadmill too.