Rollie Eggmaster Lets You Make Eggs On A Stick

There are plenty of ways to cook an egg.  So far, though, I’ve never seen one that involved skewering it for eating on a stick.  That is, until the Rollie Eggmaster Cooking System came along.

A cooking appliance about the size of a travel mug, it features a vertical compartment that cooks your eggs into a tube shape.  That way, you can stick a skewer into it for convenient snacking on the go just like you do with corndogs and wafflesicles.

The Rollie uses a compact cylindrical-shaped non-stick cooking surface surrounded by a heating element on all sides.  To use, simply crack your egg, pour it into the cooking area and wait for the finished egg tube to pop out once it’s done.  Aside from skewering the egg, you can also pick it up with tongs for laying on a breakfast plate right next to your hotdogs and sausages.

Of course, you can dress up the egg with spices, sauces and other ingredients while it sits in the cooking chamber, so you can change up flavors, tastes and textures beyond that of regular boiled eggs.  Eggs are just the starting point, though, since the thing should be able to cook a lot more beyond them, with the product page recommending its use for similar rolled food items such as burritos, pizza rolls and cinammon rolls.

Does your kitchen need a Rollie Eggmaster Cooking System?  Probably not.  Who cares, though, you’ll still probably want one.  It’s available now, priced at $29.

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