Romain Jerome Eyjafjallajökull DNA Watch Uses Volcanic Ash From Last Week’s Explosion

How fast can you eke out a profit from a natural calamity? Probably not any faster than the Romain Jerome Eyjafjallajökull DNA watch, which integrates ash collected from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano that happened to erupt just last week.

Overall design, from the dial to the strap to the accents on the case, looks burnt to a crisp. The face inspires the image of an active volcano, covered with stark-black burnt ashes, with molten lava seeping out of the crater. Yep, just like having a mini-eruption on your wrist.

The Romain Jerome Eyjafjallajökull DNA watch features a stainless steel case, adorned by tiles made from the gathered volcanic ash. The style clash between the stylish watch case and the dark tone work well, turning out a timepiece that manages to look both classy and rugged.

Only one piece of the model will be made, with a certificate of authenticity confirming that the volcanic elements do indeed come from the Eyjafjalljökull explosion. Of course, we don’t know what kind of body doles out those kinds of certifications, but I guess we’ll take it at face value.

No price mentioned, which means the Romain Jerome Eyjafjallajökull DNA watch is probably out of your range if you have to ask.

[Romain Jerome (PDF) via TimeZone]