A Toaster-Like Design Allows The Ronco Ready Grill To Take Up Minimal Counter Space


Contact grills are awesome, letting you make delicious food that do taste somewhat grilled, all while using up very little space and leaving very little mess. If you’re on the lookout for something that can free up even more space on the countertop, however, you might want to consider trading your current appliance for the Ronco Ready Grill.

At first glance, you wouldn’t even suspect it’s a grill. Instead, it looks like a single slice toaster for browning a huge slice of bread that you plan to have for breakfast. A grill, however, is exactly what it’s supposed to be, cooking your food with dry heat right from the tiny corner of the kitchen counter.

That huge slot on top of the Ronco Ready Grill? You’re actually supposed to put the included grill basket in there. Just throw in any meat or vegetable you want to cook inside the cage, slip it into the cooking compartment, and select your cooking settings. Done. It also comes with 4 kabob rods for skewering your beef, muttons, onions, and tomatoes, all sized to fit sideways on the basket for easy cooking. All grease will collect in a dripping tray underneath, which you can easily pull out for hassle-free disposal.

The best part? Since it does nothing but apply dry heat, we’re guessing you can put your bread slices in the basket and just cook them in here, too. That way, you can get rid of another appliance in the kitchen, leaving you closer to the dream of accommodating that 200 pancakes an hour contraption you’ve long been pining after.

Available now, the Ronco Ready Grill is priced at $99.95.

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