Turn Children’s Bedrooms Into Restricted High-Security Zones With The Room Defender

Someone made a door security system that’s meant to function as a toy.  Really.  And, wildly enough, it’s actually fun.  Called the Room Defender, it’s a door-mounted guard dog of a contraption that lets children turn their bedrooms into high-security, restricted-clearance zones.

Created by SmartLab, it’s designed to mount along the side of the door (anywhere above the doorknob will do), where it will stand guard against uninvited parents, snooping siblings, and other unwanted intruders.  It comes with a pressure button that will push against the door jam, so no one can open the door without having to kick it or apply a similar form of pressure.

Once mounted, the Room Defender can be programmed (it has an icon-based IF-THEN-ELSE visual programming interface that kids should have no trouble using) directly from the device to give access to the door using a variety of methods.  You can, for instance, define secret knocks to deactivate the pressure button, as well as create security codes that can be given to people who will get access to the room.  It also comes with swipe cards that can be distributed to special cohorts and trusted accomplices.

When someone enters the wrong code or knocks incorrectly, the system will play any of 10 preloaded sound alarms.  Children can also record custom audio messages that can be played back, depending on what event transpires.  If someone performs a wrong secret knock, for instance, you can say, “Nice try, but you’re not invited.”  When someone swipes a specific card, on the other hand, you can play “Welcome, comrade.  Our lair awaits.”

It can also report when someone forced their way into the room while the occupant is away, so pesky little brothers can no longer snoop without being found out.  Pair this with  a Sci-Fi Door Decal and your bedroom entrance will, literally, look and feel like it belongs in a top-secret military facility.

The SmartLab Room Defender is available now, priced at $39.99.

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