Rotaliana Diva Desk Lamp And iPod Dock Makes Funnels Look Cool


Need a new desk lamp to spruce up your study area?  You might want to take a look at the Rotaliana Diva, a stylish desk lamp that bundles in some useful musical talents.

We’re no big fans of the name (I mean, come on, Diva just evokes images of Celine Dion belting to the sound of breaking eardrums), but it’s hard not to admire this contraption.  With an original design that manages to make the funnel shape look attractive, it performs numerous functions within a single, non-intrusive, compact frame.

Lift up one side of the Diva to reveal the adjustable and retractable lighting fixture, which packs a warm 4.5W LED panel to illuminate your study table.  Right below the die-cast arm is an iPod dock, where you can charge your iPhone and iPod, as well as play media directly from it.  Sound booms out from four integrated speakers that are housed inside the Diva’s body.  A small LED panel is decked under the docking area, where you can display the time, as well as whichever device is currently playing.

Apart from taking musical input from your iPod, the tabletop device also packs a built-in FM tuner, with station numbers displayed on the digital screen.   Around the back, it also adds an AUX socket (for playing music from other sources), a USB port (for playing music from a flash drive) and an audio-out, in case you want to connect it with your home’s sound system.

Dimensions of the Rotaliana Diva are 8.9 x 8.9 x 16.4 inches, with the whole body clad in anodised aluminum.  It ships with an IR remote for managing all the settings and is currently available for $514.

[Questo Design via Acquire]