This Round Table With Rotating Net Will Make For One Chaotic Yet Fun Ping Pong Game

An entertaining twist on the classic table tennis game, the Ping Meets Pong Table features a round tabletop with a spinning net that adds an extra dimension of chaos to the proceedings. We’re not exactly sure how to update the rules with a spinning net in the mix, but we’re confident half the fun will involve coming up with a ruleset on your own.

Created by Walking-Chair Design Studio, the novelty table tennis set isn’t just for flinging balls across to the other side while holding a racket in your hand. Instead, it’s intended to double as a conference table and even triple as a dining table, complete with an included lazy Susan (which uses the same facility as the net to rotate around the table).

The Ping Meets Pong Table measures 200 cm in diameter and 75 cm tall, which the product page claims is enough to accommodate up to 12 people during a meeting. How many of those 12 can play? Again, it depends on what ruleset everyone can agree over — that’s why you’re having a meeting, after all. When the game is done, simply take out the net, put in the 103cm lazy Susan, and gather round for beers and pretzels to celebrate another successful day in the office. And by successful, we mean no actual work got done but everybody had fun. Sweet. Construction is melanine-coated wood for the tabletop and powder-coated steel for the base.

While the Ping Meets Pong Table feels a little overpriced for the function (€2,390 plus shipping), it definitely makes for an interesting piece. Plus, you’ll make the office pay for it, so just brainstorm some way to justify the expense and get one of these in the boardroom (or the pantry). It’s available directly from Walking-Chair.

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