ROV Wallet Can Unfold Into A Functional Tote Bag


We’ve seen packable bags that you can stash in your pocket for taking out later when you need a bag to carry stuff. What we haven’t seen is a bag that packs down into a wallet, so it can remain functional while it sits in your pocket waiting for the time you’ll need a large container. That’s what the ROV Wallet brings to your EDC gear.

Yep, someone built a wallet that can unfold into a functional tote, allowing you to always a carry a bag right in your pants’ back pocket. Even better, you don’t have to remove your cash and cards when it transforms into a bag, as the wallet slots remain as compartments in the bag’s interior, essentially letting you keep using the bag as an oversized wallet.


When collapsed, the ROV Wallet looks like a thicker-than-usual billfold, so it’s not quite as elegant-looking as many contemporary wallets that emphasize slim lines and clean looks. In exchange for the less-than-ideal aesthetics, however, you get the ability to transform it into a reasonably-sized tote bag you can use to carry groceries from the supermarket, boxes of takeout dim sum from your favorite Chinese joint, or all the cash you stole after an impromptu bank heist. You can also use it to carry food and supplies to the beach, then fold conveniently into your pocket as soon as you’ve used up all its contents.

When transformed into a tote, the rig keeps the wallet slots on the upper section of the interior, so your cards and cash are all easily accessible without having to wade through a pile of gear. They’re covered with a Velcro closure, too, so you won’t accidentally pull cards out while digging through the contents of the bag. Suffice to say, this thing is thoughtfully designed to serve its dual functions properly.


The ROV Wallet won’t just make for a flimsy bag either, as it comes in a 70-denier coated rip-stop nylon construction with X-Pac VX07 reinforcements at critical stress points, ensuring it can resist tears while handling a good amount of heft. All sewn parts use high-strength polyester threads, too, to prevent tearing along the seams, while a triple-reinforced shoulder strap should help you carry all that load comfortably. The exterior material, by the way, can shed water, dirt, and stains, although we’re not sure how impenetrable the interior is, giving that the opening only comes with draw cords for closure.


Can it replace your favorite wallet? For the most part, yes. If your wallet comes with specialized features, however, such as RFID-blocking, an integrated keychain, or an integrated USB charger, then it obviously won’t. For the rest of the folks who use conventional wallets to carry cards and cash as we have done for decades, then it definitely serves as a suitable substitute that lets you keep a bag within easy reach at all times.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the ROV Wallet. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $55.

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