Rowbike Ditches Pedals For A Full-Motion Rowing Mechanism

Rowing offers an excellent full-body workout.  Unfortunately, you need a boat and a body of water to do it — neither of which might be readily accessible depending on where you are.  The Rowbike lets you enjoy the same rowing action, all while traversing the good, old local roads.

Created by the same dude who came up with the Rollerblades, Scott Olson, the apparatus gets you the benefits of paddling out in the water, all without having to drive to the nearest port or signing up to a gym with a rowing machine.  It’s a full-fledged transport bike for getting to places, too, with the pedal mechanism replaced with a stationary rowing drive.

The Rowbike pairs two popular activities in one: rowing and recumbent biking.  Primarily intended as an exercise apparatus, it engages all major muscle groups every time you ride, making for a unique full-body workout that you can engage in while soaking in outdoor sights.  Sure, you can use it as your regular city bike, as well — if you can handle the equivalent of all-day gym workouts, that is (ummm…probably not).

Operation is accomplished by rowing motions using the handlebars, which sends power to the chain-driven rear wheel.  Stationary footrests above the front tire provide leverage for your movement, with the seat gliding across the bicycle’s aluminum frame during each row.  It has a seven-speed derailleur, with the gearshift mounted right on the handlebar, and caliper hand brakes for both the front and rear wheels.

Sure, the Rowbike looks like one strange bicycle.  Claiming to give twice the workout in half the time, though, anyone looking for a new fitness activity might find it an interesting option.  It’s available now, priced at $1,400.

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