Roxon Flex Modular Multi-Tool Lets You Slot in Your Own DIY Tools

It looks like any full-size multi-tool with a two-part body, which allows it to integrate full-size pliers functionality, along with a whole host of other tools on each side of the frame. Except, the Roxon Flex is a completely customizable multi-tool, allowing you to fill each available slot with your own tool of choice.

If you’re ever complained about having unused functions in your everyday multi-tool, we imagine this will be an attractive option for a replacement. No longer do you have to be saddled with whatever functions a manufacturer bundles onto a set — you can, literally, choose from a litany of options about what to put in. Heck, you can even order just the base multi-tool with no tools in the frame, so you can fill it out yourself over time.

The Roxon Flex is a modular multi-tool that’s designed to make adding and removing new functions an easy affair. It houses fold-out steel pliers with wire cutters, which are built into the frame, although all the other 10 available slots can be fitted with your choice of pocket-sized tool. The outfit currently has 32 different tool options you can order for this multi-tool, including different types of blades, scissors, saws, files, scalpels, drivers, wrenches, and more. Many of the tools occupy one slot on the multi-tool, although some will occupy two, three, or even four, depending on the size of the included tool.

They also offer what they call a blank template, which is, basically, a piece of metal that can be integrated into the multi-tool’s slots. Made from 1.4116 steel, it’s designed for DIY makers who want a blank tool they can use to shape their own blades, saws, or whatever other functions you have in mind. Want to make your own tools from scratch? They support that, too, with publicly downloadable STP and DXF files, so those with the skills to craft their own tools can make ones that can fit securely into the multi-tool’s available slots. Now, that makes this really customizable.

The Roxon Flex has a handy horizontal switch on each side of the frame, which immediately flips out all the tools on that side by a few degrees. This makes it easy to access the tool you want, then simply push the rest back in to put the switch back in a closed position. When you’re done, simply put the tool back in and lock the vertical switch to prevent the tools from accidentally opening. It’s a simple, but very functional, design that enables convenient one-handed deployment.

The tool features a curved handle with smooth edges, by the way, allowing for an ergonomic grip. Do note, you’ll have to balance the weight yourself by choosing where to put each individual tool, so you might want to consider that when outfitting your customized multi-tool. While it’s definitely not the first modular multi-tool out there, it’s definitely an interesting one, especially with the outfit deciding to open source their slot design, allowing any hobbyist to make custom tools for it.

The Roxon Flex is available now, priced starting at $40 for the base multi-tool (slots come with spacers).

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