RS Max Dining Table Seats 10 People For Dinner, While Letting You Play A 4v4 Foosball Game After

We’ve seen dining tables that transform into a pool table, a poker table, and even a tabletop gaming surface. Not to mention, the many accessories out there that turn regular dining tables into a proper table tennis game. The RS Max Dining Table requires no transformation, as it refuses to hide its double identity that allows it to serve as a large dining table and a giant foosball table simultaneously.

That’s right, it’s a dining table fit for a big family that’s also a group-sized foosball table, making for the perfect excuse to bring a foosball table into your family home. No more making up reasons to convince the wife that a foosball table is a good idea that will bring the family closer together. Just destroy your existing dining table (say the kids did it), order this thing, and pretend you had no idea it doubles as a foosball table when the delivery truck shows up to bring it inside.

The RS Max Dining Table is, basically, a giant foosball table with eight rows of strikers on each side, making it viable for playing by two to eight people (up to four on each team), so the entire family can join in on the fun. That means, there are 56 foosball players in action on the field at all times, so a lot more action can happen everywhere in the field. It plays, pretty much, like any regular foosball table, so you control the strikers by pushing, pulling, and turning them to score on the opposing team’s goal and keep them from scoring on yours. Except… you know, it’s over the twice the size of a standard foosball, which should make it for a more challenging game, whether you’re playing 1v1 with your pal, 2v2 with the kids, or 4×4 with your extended family that’s visiting from out of town.

You know how finding room for a foosball table at home is always an issue? Not for this one, since it’s also topped with a large sheet of floating tempered glass that measures 1-cm in thickness, making it viable for use as a functional dining table. It even comes with its own set of chairs, so it feels like a real dining table, complete with enough room to accommodate up to 10 diners at a time. That’s right, you can have Sunday dinner with plenty of room for guests on this thing.

The RS Max Dining Table is able to serve its dining duties without having to hide its foosball nature, as none of the game’s elements, even the striker rods, should get in the way while you enjoy good food, good drinks, and engaging conversation. The table frame is made from steel that’s finished with a cataphoretic coating and polyester paint, while the legs are cut in Iroko wood, so it shouldn’t make the dining room feel like a man cave all that much. Well… fingers crossed. The whole thing, by the way, measures 39.4 x 111.3 x 51.1 inches (height x width x depth).

The RS Max Dining Table is available now.

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