Rubber Band Gatling Gun Looks More Menacing Than Many Real Guns

When someone threatens, “I’m gun’ shoot you with rubber bands,” the acceptable response has always been to laugh in their face.  If they start aiming the Rubber Band Gatling Gun at you, however, you may want to think twice about your next course of action.

Designed to shoot standard office rubber bands (size 64), the non-lethal weapon operates via a regular crank mechanism.  The faster you crank, the quicker it shoots, so better practice that rotating motion if you want to pepper enemies with stinging slaps of never-ending hurt.

The Rubber Band Gatling Gun is made from powder-coated solid billet aluminum parts, with a glossy nylon separation cord around the crank and CNC-machined Black Delrin handles.  It weighs just under 20lbs, which is ridiculously hefty for a toy gun.  If the weight is a little too heavy for your skeletal frame, don’t worry: design includes an arm rest, so even your puny limbs can probably hold it steady (or you can just quit acting tough and hold it with two hands).

Up to 100 rubber bands can be loaded at a time, giving you enough ammunition to deliver early morning pain to every cubicle dweller in your office.  It comes with its own stand,  so you can rain down rubber bands on the unsuspecting masses without burdening your arms, and a mounted flashlight for nighttime thuggery.

Since the Rubber Band Gatling Gun is custom-built upon ordering, you can request for a longer barrel to load up on even more rubber bands.  Price for the standard 100-rubber band version is $499, with 2lbs. of rubber bands included.

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