Rubber Band Machine Gun’s Automatic Trigger Can Dispense 672 Shots In One Attack

When your wife tells you to act your age, she doesn’t really mean to stop playing with rubber band guns like an overeducated manchild right out of The Big Bang Theory. Instead, what she really means is to get yourself a grown-up rubber band gun befitting of your more advanced life experience. No, really, that’s what she means. In fact, we’re 100 percent sure she won’t get upset when you get one of these Rubber Band Machine Guns to add to your collection of overly-engineered children’s toys for adults. Serious. We’re not kidding.

Thought that Rubber Band Gatling Gun we saw way back was awesome? Yeah, this trumps that. Not only will the darn thing rain down a veritable torrent of rubber bands, it will do the deed with a fully automatic trigger mechanism, letting you create maximum mayhem with minimal effort. No multiple trigger presses, no cranking, no nothing — just one pull and you’ve brought on a rubber band apocalypse.

The Rubber Band Machine Gun comes with 16 barrels that, collectively, are able to carry up to 672 stretchy bands at a time (42 for each barrel). Yep, that’s a ridiculous lot. A small electric engine controls the trigger mechanism, with five AA batteries providing the necessary power. It comes with a “fast charging device,” which is actually just a piece of slatted wood that reduces the amount of time it takes to load all 672 rubber bands significantly. Basically, you just throw rubber bands onto each slat on the contraption, then lower it to a barrel for filling it up in one motion. Do this 16 times to max out gun capacity and enjoy.

Currently, the Rubber Band Machine Gun is collecting preorders from Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $95.

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