Rubber Bandit Pen Turns Your Writing Instrument Into A Projectile Launcher

Shooting rubber bands never went out of style.  It just went underground and stuck with the cool kids.  At least, that’s the story you’ll be telling yourself to justify your purchase of the Rubber Bandit Pen, an erstwhile writing instrument that doubles as a rubber band shooter.

Perfect for 40-year old project managers who never quite grew up, the pen comes with strategically-placed notches on either end, allowing you to arm it with a stretched rubber band.  When ready to fire, simply click on the retract/extend button (yes, the same one that exposes the ballpoint tip) to unleash the rubber band on your next hapless subordinate.  What are they gonna do, complain to management?  You’re management, as far as they’re concerned.  Hah!

The Rubber Bandit Pen looks like any regular ballpoint writing instrument, measuring  6.25 inches long and 0.5 inches thick.  Aside from the ability to be weaponized with rubber bands, it also comes with a writing tip supplying black ink and a clip for attaching to your pocket.

It comes complete with a set of rubber bands, so you can start blinding people as soon as you open the package.  The product box, by the way, is printed with a target in the back, so you can practice in your room before intentionally unleashing your wrath to the world at large.

Got people in your team who are wasting their time on Pot Farm, instead of actual work?  Consider shooting them with the Rubber Bandit Pen as a way to get their attention.  Stinging, momentary pain works as an excellent productivity tool, after all.  It’s available for $4.99.

[Rubber Bandit Pen via Oh Gizmo]