Smart Design: Rubbermaid All Access Organizers Offer Two Openings For Convenient Use

Buying boxes for holding your stuff and stacking them in a tall pile has been your go-to move for organizing the mess of things that you call your home.  Problem is, when you need to use something you put away in those boxes: you need to do a whole lot of un-stacking and digging through each one.  These All Access Organizers will still have you digging, but spares you the hassle of taking down your tall stacks of boxes.

Made by Rubbermaid, these are, basically, standard plastic storage boxes with a removable top lid and a stack-friendly shape.  Unlike the usual stuff you can get in stores, though, this has a second opening: a drop-down door on the side that lets you get to the contents without having to pull a box out of its stack.  Basically, it turns your stack into an easy-access cabinet of sorts, making it a more convenient option for storage.

The Rubbermaid All Access Organizer comes in three sizes: small (19.5 x 17.5 x 11.6 inches), medium (19.5 x 17.5 x 15.1 inches) and large (22 x 17.5 x 15.1 inches).  Each one is constructed from hard plastic, with the drop-down door fully see-thru, so you can see what’s stored on each box.  That way, finding that old ReaDIYmate you boxed up and suddenly want again for whatever reason doesn’t have to turn into a three-hour affair as it normally would.

Want one (or, more likely, a dozen)?  The Rubbermaid All Access Organizers are available in different colors, priced at $12.99, $14.99 and $16.99 for the small, medium and large bins, respectively.

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