These Coasters Stack To Form A Fake Rubik’s Cube

We drink coffee.  We drink beer.  We use coasters.  Unless you like those round, wet marks regularly on your desk.  And if you’re going to use coasters, they might as well be fun, right?  These Rubik’s Cube Coasters look like they’ll do the trick.

Sold in sets of six, the coasters can be stacked to look like a real Rubik’s Cube puzzle sitting on your desk.  Why?  So you can brag to your friends that you just finished solving one, of course.  Just don’t let your marks touch it since they’re individual coasters and will come apart if you try to rotate them.

Each Rubik’s Cube Coaster measures about a third of an inch tall, making for an official-looking 4-inch cube when stacked together.  Two coasters form one row, so you can totally arrange them so that the puzzle looks unsolved when you first get to work in the morning.  About an hour later, you can rearrange so the sides all fit, impressing everyone who notices the now-solved bundle on your desk.

Since the things look like they’re made of plastic, we’re not sure how nice they’ll actually play as coasters (water will probably slide right down to your table).  Still, it’s a legit way of pretending you can actually solve a mind puzzle.  Just make sure to have a real cube hidden under your drawer, in case somebody actually asks to borrow it.

Can’t solve a Rubik’s Cube even if someone put a gun to your head?  Neither can I.  These Rubik’s Cube Coasters could be our best shot at tricking people into thinking we can.  It’s available from Thinkgeek, priced at $19.99.