RuMe Cuff, A Coffee Sleeve That Doubles As A Wristband Wallet

Because it’s stupid to grab steaming coffee while it’s hot, you need a sleeve.  Since you’re conscious of your environmental footprints, you’d rather carry your own reusable sleeve.  And because you don’t have any more space in your pockets for another small item, you should be able to wear that reusable sleeve on your arm when not in use.  Now, arm bands aren’t really in style, so it needs to serve another function to justify wearing – like being a wallet, too.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what the RuMe Cuff brings.

A multi-function accessory, it obliterates any excuse you can potentially come up with for not having your own reusable coffee cup sleeve.  Yes, even when you don’t like coffee, since the sleeve can protect your hands from the numbing caused by iced teas and other cold drinks too.

The RuMe Cuff is a machine-washable sleeve/arm band, with a 2.5-inch cuff size and 3.5-inch length.  Made from a lightweight, elastic material, it can stretch to fit most cups and arms, unless you’re built like an elephant (or a brontosaurus, in which case, I want to make your babies).   It comes with a zippered interior container, so you can use it to hold bills and other small items too.

Designed as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable sleeves, it is a pretty clever gear.  Just avoid stuffing important items into the wallet area, though – I have a feeling you’ll forget about the sleeve one morning and just dump your empty cup of Venti Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte with Caramel Drizzle and Corn Syrup Extra-Hot (Jesus, I love people who order complicated drinks) into the trash, with the cuff still in tow.

You can order the RuMe Cuff in a variety of colors – tangerine, black, fuchsia, lemon, navy or grass – priced at $9.75 each.