Like A Personal Bodyguard, You Can Use The Runbell To Clear A Path In Crowded Sidewalks


Urban runners have it tough. Run on the streets and you risk getting run over by the numerous vehicles plying the route. Run on the sidewalk and be subjected to the occasional crowding of pedestrians that make it all but impossible to keep up your stride. And while you can always push people out of the way like you do when shopping during Black Friday, the Runbell offers a solution to make people clear your path on their own.

Modeled after the classic bicycle bell, it rings out a similar familiar note that people have long associated with bicycles coming from behind. That way, people will think a sweaty douche on a bicycle is actually riding down the sidewalk, making them give way until they realize it’s just a sweaty douche wearing customized Adidas trainers pulling one over on them. Awesome.


The Runbell is a ring that slips on two fingers (index and middle), with the bell and the spring-loaded striker both mounted on the index side.   To keep it from accidentally making noise during runs, you can hold the striker with your thumb, then pull at it with the same thumb once you see a pedestrian pile-up you’d like to clear a path through. It comes in two sizes (one for men’s, one for women’s), with included silicone inserts that you can use to adjust the fit.


Because of the brass construction, it makes a powerful ring that’s clearer and more defined than the sound you’ll hear on aluminum bells. It’s loud, too, creating a sound that can be heard from over 20 feet away.

Originally a Kickstarter project, the Runbell is available now, priced at $25.

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