RunCore Crams An SSD And Two USB Ports Into Your ExpressCard Slot

Got an old laptop with an ExpressCard slot and a hankering for USB 3.0 transfer speeds?  Here’s a solution with a bonus: the Runcore USB 3.0 Express SSD, which puts two USB 3.0 slots on that barely-used port, along with a solid state drive.

The hybrid ExpressCard peripheral measures 116.5 x 34.0 x 4.8 mm, so you get a small slab sticking out when you put it in.  We doubt that will matter since you not only get a pair of ultra-fast orifices for your spanking new USB 3.0 gadgets, you get extra storage for all that content you can no longer fit in your torrent-overwhelmed 500GB hard drive too.

The Runcore USB 3.0 Express SSD directly connects to the PCI Express, giving your storage sequential read and write speeds of  around 110MB/s and 80MB/s, respectively.  Do note that the USB 3.0 speed will drop when the SSD is in use, so factor that into your multi-tasking duties.  One of the USB ports is tagged as a “device interface,” which means you can connect another device through it and access the included SSD as an external USB 3.0 drive — a nice touch.

No word on availability or pricing, but this is a mighty fine way to get USB 3.0 and extra space on an older laptop that’s seen better days, but isn’t justifiably obsolete yet.  It will come in two models: 32GB and 64GB.

[Product Page via Everything USB]